* Peace Sail 2022 *
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Summer 2022
Cardiff - Helensburgh - Cardiff
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Project Phase: Preparation & Planning.
Project Stage: Crew-selection and Team building.
We are looking for:
* Destinations and Events along the journey(s)
* Crew and Supporters

When: "Summer 2022"
* When boat and crew are ready
* When the weather forcast is rather fine

* Making oneself available in preparation and during the journey.
For safety and team building reasons preference goes to people who:
- get to know each others and the boat before the journey is being undertaken.
  Sail experience can be build while staying in the enclosure of Cardiff Bay.
- engage to make the full journey or can be very clear when they will be available.

* Honest and responsible: e.g. don't hide if equipment broke when using it.
* Clean
* Orderly: it is e.g. paramount to know at all times where equipment is kept onboard.
* Tolerant
* Able to follow instructions and being a good communicator.

We also look for:
* Story tellers, photographers, bloggers, ... to follow up from the very beginning how the project
   evolves, the journey, the interactions, .... with the intend to create exhilarating materials that
   inspire people now and future generations to come.

On board, while sailing and in a harbour, there will be no alcohol consumption or smoking.