Nomad Sailors - Mission Statement

Nomad Sailors is practically about maintaining and sailing a 27 feet (8.22 m) Halcyon Clipper.

Traveling on the wind gives ample opportunity for reflection on one self, on our relations and on a society.

The Nomad Sailors Project is an organic growing project by which we mean that we have no time limit set to reach a well defined goal like e.g. sail around the globe. Nevertheless we think our time should be well used to develop fine, workable and professional relations that can steadily carry forward both the project, the boat itself as well as reach out to clarify a perspective that will serve the whole of creation. (We have ambitions indeed!)

With this in mind we strive to develop standards by attending and facilitating formal courses as well as gain practical experience both in sailing the ship as in the domain of team and capacity building.

We are convinced that creating a framework of co-operation in which a boat can be made available to be pivotal in the development of leadership and character building. Sailing the boat safely means to develop pre-emptive thinking about the well-being and safety of the whole team. In developing this practical mindset we hope to contribute to empowering community and ecological awareness.

Domains of knowledge and whole range of  practical skills that those engaged in the Nomad Sailors Project will have to develop include engine and general boat maintenance, meteorology, marine biology, navigation, rules and guidelines related to the marine environment.

Traveling by sail leaves a very low carbon footprint which suits our wish to be contribute to a  sustainable world respecting all eco systems.

Being an inspiring initiative we intend to remember the one-ness of the universe in all our actions while we reach out to contribute, facilitate and provide to individuals and groups involved in positive social change opportunities to bring forward activities in order to attain a clearer perspective on how to reach common goals for the greater good.

By going out on the water and visiting new shores, habitats for many, we wish to learn about others as well as ourselves and gain insight in the cohesion between every being in the whole of creation. It is our conviction that these experiences, accompanied by respectful inter-cultural encounters, will enable each participant to empower him or herself in the best way possible to participate as a more successful person in his or her environment.