< Peace Sail 2022 >

The aim is to reach the Fastlane Peace Camp and show our support for the people living their.
Along the journey we would like to visit coastal towns to meet up with people, explore and maybe participate or engage in informative events.

Please get in contact if you know of any destination along the trajectory between Cardiff (Wales) and the Fastlane Peace Camp (Scotland) or have suggestions for events taking place or to be organised when the crew of the "Nomad" is visiting. Mind that traveling on a sailboat entails that no fixed schedule can be maintained.

Destinations could be: [examples]
* Local artisanal market in Safe Harbour every Friday until 12PM

* Film screening of a movie or documentary related to equality, war, discrimination, workers' struggle,...

* Sites of historic importance; maybe less knows: strikes, protests, factory occupations, ...

* Places related to poets, painters, architects, innovators and inventors, false prophets (politicans), place of
   worship, slave trade, migration to and from, geological formations, disasters, ....

* Sail-by [at a safe distance] of installations related to Peace and War:
- Military masts, old bunkers, former look out posts, ....
- (Post) industrial archeological sites.
- Places of ongoing or past commerce - "How do people live without war or in spite of it?"
- Locations of sunk vessels.
Interactive map along the possible track of the journey of wrecks, installations, atrifacts, achievements, tales, ... broadly related to conflict, peace, social struggle, ecological change, ...