The "Nomad" is a very well equipped 27 feet (8 m 22cm) Halcyon Clipper.

Extensive upgrades and renewal work have been undertaken before putting the boat back into the water.
Much safety and comfort equipment got installed or upgraded including:

* New, more powerful and more ecological engine: Yanmar 2YM15: a 2 cylinder, 4 stroke vertical, water cooled diesel engine.
* Treatment of the hull (repainting)
* Furono radar
* NavTex
* Dual band active radar reflector
* Passive radar reflector
* Plotter with depth sounder and water temperature probe
* Battery charger
* Active AIS system
* Diesel heater (stove; chimney on deck)
* Automate for the tiller steering
* New tower-type mast lights
* New toilet with bilge pumps for suction
* New sea-cocks
* New hoses all over
* New electrical wiring and control panel
* LED lights in replacement older light bulbs
* New hatch
* New anchor and anchor chain and line
* Security lines all over deck to hook onto.
* New mast foot* Dual-sound horn up in the mast :-)
* New swinging spiritous cookery (replaces gas one)
* Chart table (swinging the cookery underneath table)
* EPIRB emergency beacon
* Foldable aluminum mini bike + bag
* Cover for the outboard engine
* Outboard engine board that can be lowered into the water in case the main engine would fail or for extra power.
* Main sail and jib enforcements
* Sails to prevent falling out of the berths
* Winch on the mast
* ....

Tall ship TENACIOUS passing Spitbank Fort on the Solent